x-ray and dental work

Poor dental health can cause colic, weight loss and a host of other health problems that can interfere with performance. More importantly, it can be painful for the horse to live with. To provide your horse optimal dental performance, regular preventative care should start at birth. Thorough oral exams should be an essential part of an annual physical exam with dental floating and tooth reduction if necessary. Prevention is the absolute key to good equine dental health!

Advanced Dental Services

We have the skill, education and equipment to provide the very best on-farm dental care for your horse. As a veterinarian, we are legally licensed to use local anesthesia, nerve blocks, anti-inflammatories and sedatives for pain management on applicable cases.

We offer routine health care in addition to the following services:

  • Dental exam and evaluation using a speculum
  • Routine dental floating and equilibration
  • Performance dentistry, including bit seats
  • Corrective work on wave, step, shear and parrot mouths, hooks, ramps, and other dental malocclusions
  • Standing incisor, wolf tooth, premolar and molar extractions
  • Digital radiography and endoscopy to identify diseased teeth, retained wolf teeth fragments, sinus diseases and tumors
  • Geriatric dentistry

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