StableLab – A Handheld Stallside Equine Blood Test

StableLab is a breakthrough in stallside equine diagnostics and presents a new way of blood testing. The StableLab equine blood test detects and measures Serum Amyloid A (SAA), a major inflammatory response protein that specifically responds to inflammation caused by infection. This hand-held, convenient equine blood test can deliver lab-accurate results at the horses’s stall or in the field within 10 minutes. StableLab works by testing for a protein Serum Amyloid A (SAA) which only presents in a horse’s blood when an infection is present. A blood test cartridge, which can be used at the horse’s side, gives a simple-to-read color result, indicating clearly the presence of SAA in the event of infection.

The ability to differentiate infectious vs. non-infectious inflammation gives veterinarians critical information to use in formulating a treatment plan or conducting further diagnostic tests.

  • Equine veterinarians can test or monitor horses with fevers, diarrhea, viruses, lung infections, cellulitis, edema or severe lameness.
  • SAA allows veterinarians to monitor a horse’s response to treatment when long term antibiotics are needed.
  • SAA is a good screening test for infectious disease pre/post shipping and pre/post-surgical evaluation.
  • SAA allows not only earlier treatment but can monitor whether the treatment is working and when the proper time to end antibiotic treatment would be.

Dr. Emond has had great success using SAA. It is a tool that he personally has come to rely on with regards to optimizing and differentiating treatment options, but it shouldn’t be used on its own without a complete history, physical exam and complete clinical evaluation. It does however give accurate and real-time data on the inflammatory picture of the horse.

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